Three Heads Beat The Crap Out Of One is the fourteenth chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.

Plot Edit

Hina tells Anzu that she'd rather play video games than Anzu's traditional games; such as cat's cradle. Anzu decides to raise the money to buy a gaming console and enlists Hina's help. Anzu knows of a homeless man, Yoshida, who will buy used televisions from them for 3,000 yen apiece.

The two find abandoned CTR TVs by the river and bring them to him, discretely using their powers in the process. However, they learn that Yoshida is looking for flatscreen TVs and that he will only pay them 10 yen for each of their CTR TVs. Not wanting to give-up, Anzu decides to continue the search and Hina invites Hitomi to help.

After the three realize that they all know each other, they start looking again. Hitomi sneaks off to retrieve the television her family was planning on throwing out and leaving it for Anzu to find, but is stopped by a police officer and is unable to explain her situation. Meanwhile, Hina asks Nitta for money to buy a new TV, which he gives her. However, she forgets to save money for the taxi ride to Yoshida's shack and he ends up paying for her ride in exchange for the TV. Shortly after, Anzu arrives at Yoshida's shack just before Hitomi carts her old TV to the scene. A perplexed Yoshida ends up buying the television from the girls, not understanding why they don't sell the still functional appliance to a second-hand store for more money.

Anzu, Hina, and Hitomi have some celebratory sodas in Anzu's shack, and Hina decides to join in other girls in a game of cat's cradle when she sees how much fun they are having. When Hina returns home, a confused Nitta asks Hina about what happened to the TV she purchased or the money she got for selling it.

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