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A Study On The Limits And Adverse Effects Of Education is the twenty-first chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.


While cleaning up after his sister's mess, Nitta realizes that Hina has some similar habits to Mika. He drafts a schedule in the hopes of making Hina a better adult than his sister. While Hina pushes back against this demanding schedule initially, she soon agrees to it as she doesn't want to be like Mika.

The schedule, which includes several extracurricular activities and little free time, proves to be too much for Hina, and her physical and mental health start to wane. Realizing that he pushed her too hard, Nitta tells Hina that she does not have to follow the schedule anymore and tears it up. The sudden shock of losing the schedule that defined her life makes Hina lose control of her powers and, as Nitta throws her off of his balcony, she creates a massive thunderstorm. As Hina gently floats back down to the balcony, Nitta asks if Hina wants to play video games, which she agrees to.
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