An Unexpected Classroom Visit is the third chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.

Plot Edit

Hina is now posing as Nitta's daughter, and he receives a call from her school. He learns that she hasn't attended classes after her first day, despite previously expressing her desire to attend. Hina explains that she hasn't been going to school because she didn't know that she needed to attend most days of the week.

Hina attends class and, during role call, forgets Nitta is now her last name. This leads to the rest of her classmates thinking that she's weird and they begin insulting her behind her back. Hina quickly falls asleep during her teacher's lecture.

Meanwhile, Nitta learns that a man that owed his gang money robbed a bank after his peers pushed him too hard to repay his debt. They then begin looking for the man in hopes of getting the money before the police find him.

Hina's classmate, Hitomi, wakes Hina and informs her that they are both on lunch duty. Nitta learns that the robber took over Hina's classroom and goes to collect the money.

While being held hostage by the robber, Hina debates on eliminating the man using her powers. However, she recalls Nitta warning her against using her powers in public, and instead presses the man to let her eat lunch. He concedes and ends up admitting that he didn't want to rob the bank and saw no other options for himself. This sparks a debate among the students over what the robber should do, which Hina's teacher begins to moderate.

Nitta arrives in the middle of the debate and expresses that the man should return the money he borrowed, just as the man admits that the children convinced him to surrender. Feelng out of place, Nitta sneaks off with the money, as the robber turns himself in and Hina's classmates compliment her taking control of the situation.

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