How To Have A Psychokinetic Showdown is the sixth chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.

Plot Edit

Anzu attacks a nearby biker gang as soon as she emerges from her pod and steals their leader's clothes. Nitta finds out about this the next day and worries about what would have happened if Hina had appeared on the streets instead of his apartment.

Nitta and Sabu go to a ramen shop for lunch, and encounter Anzu trying to leave without paying. Nitta covers the cost of her meal and starts following her. He learns that she's trying to find Hina and arranges for the two of them to fight when he realizes how much damage Anzu is doing to the community.

He has the two play a modified game of Simon Says to determine whose powers are stronger, which Hina easily wins. Anzu spends the night with Nitta and Hina, with the former washing her stolen clothes and preparing a meal for them all. Anzu leaves Nitta's apartment with the intent of returning home and telling her superiors that she killed Hina, but instead starts living on the streets when she learns that her pod broke when Nitta accidentally washed it in its ball form.

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