Life On The Streets 101 is the seventh chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.

Plot Edit

Without a way home and not wanting to use her powers and alert Hina to her presence, Anzu resumes shoplifting to get by until the local shop owners chase her down. She's saved by the same homeless man that initially reported her whereabouts to Nitta and starts to learn how the vagabond commune makes ends meet. She's initially frustrated with this lifestyle, but commits to it after the community throws her a welcoming party.

Later, Nitta sees Anzu scavenging for cans and offers her money, which she refuses out of pride. Remembering how much her new friends are struggling, she returns to Nitta and excepts the cash. However, the shop owners finally track Anzu down and take the money as compensation for the food she stole. Tearfully, Anzu explains what happened to the homeless community and, to her surprise, they are happy that she was able to pay off her debts and are not upset about the lost funds.

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