Nitta Sure Has It Tough is the eighth chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.

Plot Edit

Soon after Anzu settles in with her new community, Nitta accidentally makes Hina believe that he's thinking about replacing her with Anzu. Frightened at the possibility of becoming homeless, Hina starts being nicer to Nitta. When he leaves for work, she decides to clean their apartment, but ends up creating even more of a mess. While doing dishes, she discovers that Nitta left a bowl of salmon roe in the fridge for her and starts eating the food without realizing that it was spoiled. Meanwhile, Nitta remarks to his fellow Yakuza that Hina was acting more mature lately and his boss, Yoshihiko Ashikawa, gives him money to treat Hina to sushi. Nitta returns to his apartment to find a sick Hina, his floor covered in water, all of his dishes broken, and several of his porcelain vases smashed.

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