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Disowned! Rock 'N" Roll Fever is the ninth chapter of Hinamatsuri manga series.


Once Hina recovers from her food poisoning, Nitta chews her out for the mess she made. Finally fed up with her behavior, he disowns her and kicks her out of his apartment. Hina quickly burns through the money Nitta gave her and ends up living with Anzu, although Hina quickly burns through Anzu's meager savings and stash of food. Nitta enjoys his life without Hina, but is verbally berated by his fellow Yakuza, peers, and Utako when they learn that he kicked out HIna.

Now abandoned by Anzu, Hina ponders what to do when she sees a cheap vase in a store window. Deciding that Nitta might forgive her if she brings him a replacement vase, she starts using her powers to perform street magic and make money. She soon partners with an indie band and users her powers to add spectacle to their street concerts. Although they want her to go on tour with them, Hina refuses, buys the vase, and brings it to Nitta. With some exasperation, he once again accepts Hina into his home and places the cheap vase she bought him on the shelves that used to store his expensive porcelain.


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