Arrival of the Psychokinetic Girl! is the first episode of Hinamatsuri anime series.

Plot Edit

Yoshifumi Nitta, a mid-level Yakuza, is relaxing at home after winning a vase in a bidding war when a pod falls out of a mysterious portal and onto his head. Ignoring it at first, the following morning Nitta opens the pod and a young girl named Hina emerges. The monotoned young girl introduces herself, demands clothes, and establishes that she has psychic powers.

The following day, Nitta buys Hina clothes of her own and toys at her instance. Then he takes her out for dinner, where Hina learns that she loves salmon roe and Nitta realizes that he's becoming Hina's guardian.

After watching a news broadcast, Hina decides that she wants to attend school, where she sleeps through most of her classes and meets her classmate Hitomi.

Having hidden her powers, Hina begins to lose control of them and accidentally destroys Nitta's apartment. Seeing an opportunity, Nitta has Hina user her powers to clear some land for development. This makes Hina think that Nitta will begin to use her for her powers, similar to the adults from her home. When he's assigned to eliminate a rival gang that attacked his boss, though, he refuses to let Hina take care of his problem. Seeing him value her as a person, Hina eliminates the rival gang and the two start to develop an affection for each other.

In a post-credits scene, Nitta is trapped in the pod that delivered Hina to his home. She leaves him in the pod overnight, similar to what Nitta did to her, when he emerges Hina remarks that he looks similar to the terminator.

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