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Like A River Stream is the tenth episode of the Hinamatsuri anime.


At the brink of exhaustion, Hitomi finally tells her mother that she's working part-time as a bartender. She doesn't believe her, though, and Utako insists that Hitomi get her own apartment so she can continue working on the off chance her parents do learn about the situation. However, Hitomi has to get several temp jobs to pay for rent and reluctantly accepts job offers from various bar patrons.

This only furthers Hitomi's exhaustion and she tries to sabotage the housewarming party Utako and her various other bosses are throwing for her, by inviting her mother. Instead of being upset, though, Hitomi's mother is proud of her daughter for making so many professional connections at such a young age and encourages her to continue her part-time work.

Later, Anzu tries to buy her parents a shoulder massager with the money they gave her as an allowance. Not having enough, Sabu takes her to a horse track so she can earn more though gambling, but she ends up losing all of it. In the end, she gives her foster parents shoulder massages as a way of expressing her appreciation of them.