A Man Thirsty for Blood, Violence, and Money is the eleventh episode of the Hinamatsuri anime.

Plot Edit

A film crew beings following Nitta in the hopes of getting a scoop on the modern Yakuza. However, Nitta is much nicer and more domestic than they expected, leading to them asking him to behave like a more stereotypical gangster. When even that doesn't meet their expectations, they edit the footage and interviews to make Nitta seem more violent, much to his embarrassment.

Later, Anzu moves into Nitta's apartment while Hina is on a class ski trip and Anzu's foster parents are away. Shocked by her considerate and upbeat behavior, he tries to spoiler her into being more like Hina. However, he gives up on his plan and decides to just appreciate his time with the courteous Anzu.

As the episode ends, Nitta learns that Hina went missing during her field trip.

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