Yukimatsuri is the twelfth and final episode of the first season of the Hinamatsuri anime.

Plot Edit

Stranded in the snowy mountains, Hina, Hitomi, and two of their classmates build an igloo to stay warm. She tries to use her powers to help them, but is unable to as she's too hungry. While they try to feed her sushi made of snow to raise her spirits, Hina unknowingly creates a giant snow sculpture out of sushi and guides the rescue crew to them.

Three years in the future, Mao top student and spokesperson for a martial arts group in China. After meeting the musician that Hina previously performed with, she decides to set out for Japan to meet her. After subtly using her powers to defeat a motorized training dummy, the martial arts school lets her travel to Japan on the condition that she opens a branch there.

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