This is How You Have a Superpower Battle is the second episode of Hinamatsuri anime series.

Plot Edit

A blonde girl, Anzu, emerges from a pod and defeats an entire biker gang using her psychic powers. Learning about the incident, Nitta and Sabu run into her at a ramen shop and Nitta pays for her meal to prevent a commotion. Following Anzu, he learns that she's looking for Hina and organizes a less violent confrontation.

He has the two play a modified game of rock, paper, scissors; which Anzu agrees to after Nitta bribes Hina into provoking the blonde psychic. Hina wins easily and Anzu rips out some of Hina's hair to convince their superiors that Hina is dead. The two spend a night in Nitta's apartment together, before Anzu leaves in the morning. However, Nitta accidently washed Anzu's pod while it was in its storage state while doing her laundry. This leaves her stranded and homeless, as her pride prevents her from asking Nitta and Hina for help.

Later, Nitta realizes that women are no longer responding to his advances as they heard he's living with Hina and assume that she's his daughter. Frustrated, goes on a days-long bender and leaves Hina with only simple meals, much to her annoyance. Hina and her classmate Hitomi track Nitta down, and Hina asks the bartender Utako for advice. Nitta and Hina then go out partying together while Hitomi accidently works as a bartender.

The following morning, Nitta realizes how much money he's spent over the last few days and decides not to go out for a while.

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