Hobo Life 101 is the thrid episode of the Hinamatsuri anime.

Plot Edit

As Anzu is chased by shop owners for shoplifting once again, a homeless man helps her escape. He takes her to a homeless camp and shows her how to get by without stealing. Later, while collecting cans, she runs into Nitta who offers her money. While she initially refuses out of pride, she realizes how much that money could help her community and accepts it. However, the shop owners catch up to her and take the money as compensation for the food she stole. When she tells the community what happened, they congratulate her on repaying her debts and welcome her into their community.

Later, Hitomi begins secretly working as a bartender with Utako blackmailing her. Her cover is nearly blown when her homeroom teacher enters the bar, but she's able to convince him that she's an adult who just looks like one of his students. While she has mixed feelings about working as a bartender, she also wonders how she's going to keep hiding the large amounts of money she's making from her parents.

Meanwhile, Nitta remarks that he wouldn't mind if Hina and Anzu switch places. This worries Hina greatly as she does not want to live on the streets. To ensure this doesn't happen, she begins being more polite to Nitta and attempts to clean their apartment. However, she quickly makes more of a mess and accidentally eats rotten salmon roe. The episode ends with a shocked Nitta returning home and seeing the mess Hina made in their apartment.

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