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Nitta-san Has a Dandy Dad is the sixth episode of the Hinamatsuri anime.


Nitta and Hina travel to visit his mother and sister. He creates an elaborate backstory to hide Hina's paranormal origins, but Hina is unable to improvise and raises their suspicions. As the evening goes on, and the adults drink more, Nitta composes wilder backstories to disguise his relationship with Hina. However, in the end, he tells his parents that he thinks of Hina as his daughter and they all welcome her into their family.

Later, the homeless camp is set to be torn down by the city and Anzu morns the loss of her de facto family. The wish her the best going forward as Utako takes her to a foster family. Inspired to make her friends proud, Anzu decides to do her best and help her family run their restaurant.