Anzu Is a Greeter Now is the seventh episode of the Hinamatsuri anime.

Plot Edit

As Anzu adjusts to her new life at the restaurant, Hina decides to run for student council president after becoming annoyed with the subpar lunch and teachers lecturing her for sleeping in class. Even though she isn't allowed to be the president as a first-year student, she commits to participating in the election and informs Nitta of her decision.

While he initially dismisses her decision, his boss takes her candidacy incredibly seriously and has a mob lawyer draft her campaign speech. She reads the speech verbatim and ends up winning the election. However, she never attends a meeting after learning that she can't be president, leading to Hitomi filling most of her responsibilities.

Later Hina convinces Utako to finally go on a date with Nitta, but she rejects him as she feels he should focus on raising Hina.

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