Life is About Survival is the ninth episode of the Hinamatsuri anime.

Plot Edit

Another psychic child, Mao, arrives. However, she lands on a deserted island and has to use her powers to survive. She slowly grows breaks down on the island, though, and eventually constructs a raft to try to sail to Japan.

Later, Nitta tries to convince the aging boss, Yoshihiko, of his gang to make Kiyoshi Baba his successor. However, Hina suggests that Nitta should be the boss, and Yoshihiko humors her. This makes Sabu, think that Nitta is set to usurp Baba, and he alerts to rest of the gang to the false development.

This leads to Nitta being kidnapped in the middle of the night and buried to his neck in concrete. Just as a part of his fellow Yakuza are about to kill him, their boss clears up the misunderstanding. While still buried in concrete, Baba makes Nitta the new third in command as a way to apologize, although Nitta is too dazed by the chain of events to appreciate the promotion.

The episode closes with Hina trying to celebrate Nitta's unexpected promotion, but she unknowingly makes the party look like a funeral.

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