Hina (ヒナ) is a protagonist of the Hinamatsuri series.

She is from an advance civilization where things such as technology are way ahead of human comprehension. An example of this was in the ‘orb’ where it just looked like a regular red ball. But it had the ability to transport a single person anywhere he/she desires. Also this civilization and its citizens call themselves as human even though they have extra skills mainly ‘telekinesis’ that they use to their advantage in their day to day activities.

Appearance Edit

Hina is a pre-teen. She has shoulder-length turquoise hair and blue eyes.

Personalities Edit

Hina very rarely displays any emotions, often maintaining an aloof disposition. Despite her incredible powers, she is in fact quite apathetic and lazy, hardly taking interest in anything besides food and sleeping. Because of this, she can be infuriating to live with as she can come off as rude and ungrateful, prompting Nitta to kick her out of the house at one point and even driving Anzu to do the same. Even so, she becomes more kind and considerate throughout the series, coming to appreciate Nitta more and more as a father figure. Hina can be quite air-headed at times, often not being able to read the room and lacking common sense.

Story Edit

She appeared out of thin air in a capsule in Yoshifumi Nitta's flat. He was the first to show her more affection that her just being a tool to be used as where she is from, a weapon is all she is. Nitta demands nothing from her and allows expensively, due to her accidental expensive vase destroying disorder, for her to live a normal life and go to school.

Abilities Edit

Hina can use telekinesis. She uses her ability frequently to help Nitta. Although she used it to threaten him at first, but after she started attending middle school, it does not happen again.

Trivia Edit

  • Every sweatshirt Hina wears is a word or phrase that describes a theme in the story or scene.
  • Hina enjoys eating Ikura (also known as Salmon Roe or Red Caviar)