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Hitomi Mishima (三嶋 瞳, Mishima Hitomi) is one of the supporting characters in the Hinamatsuri series.


Hitomi is a cute middle school student who excels in academics and is appreciated by her classmates. However, she has a difficult time saying no to people. A lot of weird situations lead to her becoming a bartender, a student council secretary (since Hina never went the student council meetings, Hitomi got "drafted" to fill in for her), a lot of part time jobs and even an office job at a respected talent agency.


Hitomi is rather short, a trait she inherited from her even shorter mother. She has long black hair and usually sports a red bow when she's not in school or at her office job. She chooses her clothes to fit the occasion. At school, she wears her school uniform, while tending bar she wears the outfit that Utako got for her. Most labor jobs, she usually wears jeans and an appropriate top. When she started working in an office, she started wearing a woman's business suit: Skirt, Hose, blouse and jacket with low heel "pumps".


Hitomi is an incredibly mature girl for her age and a dedicated worker who always strives to do her best and help out in any way she can. Unfortunately, this part of her personality also makes her a pushover who's incapable of turning down the requests of others. This leads to her working as a bartender and, reluctantly, becoming an office worker as a middle schooler.

This excessive work starts to wear Hitomi out and makes her more cynical and harsh when pushed. Despite her situation, however, Hitomi has managed to excel in nearly every job she's taken and thus has obtained many different connections from some important people. She is person who can get everything except the things she want.


From the same class as Hina she was a regular student at the top of her class until Hina took her to a bar while searching for Nitta. When a drunk man walked in and pushed that he would teach her how to make drinks, not acknowledging her age due to alcohol, she masterfully acquired the skills of a legendary bartender.

She was blackmailed into the bartending job by the manager, Utako, who saw her talent. Despite this she has grown accustomed to her new life, moving customers with her words and drinks, serving in the central spot that the main adult cast gathers. None question her position, not even her teacher who is afraid to lose his job when discovered. This eventually leads to Hitomi getting job offers from business-owning patrons, which she is also unable to refuse.