Kiyoshi Baba (Baba Kiyoshi) is one of the supporting characters of Hinamatsuri series.

Background Edit

Baba is the kashia (second in command) in the Ashikawa-gumi family of the Yakuza. When it appears that Yoshihiko Ashikawa, the oyabun of the family is appearing to retire, Baba enlists Nitta to lobby for him to be Ashikawa's replacement. When Nitta visits the oyabun in the hospital, he takes Hina along. As he broaches the subject of naming Baba as oyabun's successor, Hina chimes in recommending Nitta. Sabu, hearing this immediately texts Baba that the oyabun has named Nitta as his successor. What Sabu doesn't do is follow up by telling Baba that Nitta has successfully lobbied for Baba to be named for the position. Feeling betrayed, Baba strikes back in typical yakuza fashion: Nitta wakes up neck-deep in a barrel of concrete. Only a last-second intervention from the oyabun, while in a wheelchair, saves Nitta. Baba, as retribution for nearly offing his loyal underling, promotes Nitta to second in command, skipping over his own right hand man for this.

Appearance Edit

Baba looks like an out of shape, middle-aged accountant, but his smile belays that. When he was younger, he was one of the most vicious muscles of the organization

Personality Edit

Baba is a shrewd businessman and will kill without a second thought. At the same time, he has his own insecurities, wondering if he really is cut out for the stigma of being a Yakuza. This puts him in the Little Song bar one night, spilling his guts to Hitomi, who is on duty. With that in mind, he is very loyal to the family, rounding them up to defend Nitta's new home after the homeowners association wants him to leave because he is a Yakuza.

Story Edit

Baba appears in the first chapter of the series, as he advises the oyabun that they need to be mindful of the Shinozuka clan. After the oyabun is assaulted by members of the Shinozuka clan, he lays the job of retribution on Nitta, which Baba does not expect him to return from. Thanks to the help of Hina, Nitta completes the dangerous job and gains Baba's further respect.

Trivia Edit

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