Sabu (サブ, Sabu) is one of the supporting characters in the Hinamatsuri series.

Background Edit

Nitta's underling in his yakuza group. He usually proves somewhat inept at whatever task he is assigned, such as debt collection, forcing Nitta to handle matters personally

Appearance Edit

Sabu is a ginger haired young man in his early 20s. He is seen wearing a letterman jacket with a grey torso with white arms and trim. He always wears this with blue jeans and sneakers. He also wears a gold chain with a pendent

Personality Edit

He bumbles his way through life, working under Nitta, who he admires. Often acts before thinking, which almost cost Nitta his life. Loyal to Nitta, though, he volunteered to take an ashtray upside the head for a documentary about Nitta

Story Edit

Sabu accompanies Nitta almost everywhere, usually as his driver, although that job occurs less after Hina enters Nitta's life: First when he tells other Yakuza members the old man named Nitta as the head of the group, then later, in the manga series, when he lies to Anzu about how everyone hates her ramen. Little is known about his back story.

Trivia Edit

  • He buys tea for the office at the 100 yen store.
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