Utako Sakura (桜子うた子, Sakura Utako ) is one of the supporting characters of Hinamatsuri series.

Background Edit

Brash, self centered, and according to one time love interest, Nitta, is more vicious than a Yakuza. As a kid, she constantly ran away from home, but always seemed to go back with her pride damaged, among other things.

Black-mailed Hitomi into working as a bartender at the Little Song, drafted her to work a soup line for the homeless, then strong armed her into renting a luxury apartment when Hitomi had problems at home with her mother.

At the beginning of the story, she was the love interest of Nitta, but after Hina set her up on a date with him, Utako turned down his marriage proposal because she didn't want to get between him and the kid he loved so much.

Her goal in life is to make money while she sleeps: pretty much what she does while Hitomi works for her.

Appearance Edit

Black hair which she wears in a pony tail with a strand of hair on each side to frame her face. Usually wears her bartender outfit: black slacks, black vest, white, open collar blouse with a gold chain that has a Christian cross hanging from it.

Personalities Edit

Brash, self-centered, and described by Nitta as being more vicious than even a yakuza, Utako is willing to do whatever it takes to make money. Going so far as to blackmail 13 year old Hitomi to work as a bartender, Utako can be extremely manipulative as is willing to work Hitomi to the bone for her own benefit. She can be quite ruthless at times, forcing the homeless Anzu to reimburse her for the food she had stolen leaving her with next to nothing. Utako always strives to have the upper hand, thus allowing her to control most situations, an example being how she practically has an iron grip over Hitomi's life.

She is not completely devoid of positive attributes however, as she also runs a local soup line for the homeless and offering some sage advice to Hina. She seems to get along quite well with the patrons of her bar, at one point being Nitta's object of affection before turning him down due to his relationship with Hina.

Story Edit

Was Nitta's love interest in the early stories, but after she turned down his proposal, we saw less and less of her. After Hitomi leaves the Little Song, she becomes a compulsive gambler until Nitta steps in and reminds her that she has a business to run.

Trivia Edit

  • Her full name is Utako Sakura: Utako is her family name, Sakura is her given name
  • Utako is Japanese for "Song", and her bar is called the Little Song because of that.
  • Sakura, Utako's given name, is Japanese for "Cherry Blossoms".