Yoshifumi Nitta (新田 義史, Nitta Yoshifumi) is a central character in the Hinamatsuri series.

Background Edit

Yoshifumi is a yakuza of the Ashikawa-gumi syndicate. He is good at cooking and housekeeping, and his hobby is collecting porcelain vases.

Appearance Edit

Yoshifumi has a typical yakuza look, having slicked back, dyed blonde hair and often wears a black suit with a gold chain around his neck. He seems to be in good shape, and has a scar on the left side of his forehead. In the manga, Nitta has Yakuza related tattoos on his shoulders and back, but they are absent in the anime.

Personality Edit

Contrary to a stereotypical yakuza, Nitta is a well-mannered and sophisticated man who enjoys indulging in the finer things in life, such as adding to his extensive porcelain vase collection. Despite his line of work, Nitta is in fact not a violent man, visibly unnerved when given a job that required him to use a gun. Before taking care of Hina, he was an avid club-goer and was known to be quite the ladies man.

While he initially thought of Hina as a pain, he adapted to taking care of her surprisingly well, cooking for her, buying her clothes and toys, and even enrolling her into school as his daughter. He respects her as a human being, and thus doesn't seek to use her powers solely for his own benefit. Though Hina's careless and lazy attitude drives him to his wit's end, it's evident that Nitta truly cares for her as if she were his daughter, even when he's clearly excited at the prospect of not having to deal with her when she's gone.

Trivia Edit

  • In the manga, Nitta has tattoos on his shoulders. These were removed in the anime.
  • Nitta's father died when he was young. As time progressed, he noticed that his mother's grief over losing her husband lead to her lack of homemaking. Nitta stepped up and became the homemaker of the household, doing the cleaning, cooking, and whatever else needed to be done.
  • While in college, Nitta realized he needed more money, not only for his studies, but to support his mother and sister. The company he worked for had some Yakuza ties, and he soon found himself working for the group.
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